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A system, that delivers scalability. modularity. configurability.

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An all electric ecosystem

Integrated Intelligence in Motion

Central Controller that distributes safe and efficient motor control.

Converts operator inputs from EVCM to linear and rotary motion.

Linear all electric actuation to replace hydraulic cylinders.

Motor and gear assembly designed for tracked vehicles.

Electric motor and Final Drive assembly for wheeled vehicles.

Provides 24V or 12V power to auxiliary functions on the machine, such as lights, fans, joysticks, etc.

Controls configurability of the machine.

Gives critical machine data for productivity, maintenance, etc. for a higher preforming machine.

Integrated: Connection between the programming software, EVCM, motor controllers and the energy system reduces the development, validation and verification (V&V) time.

Intelligence: Uses a common control engine with a common software development environment.

Motion: Intelligent, safe and efficient motion ecosystem giving you performance and reliability that really matters.

Next generation solutions

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Electrification and Machine Control

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Automated Functionality

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Digitalization of an Asset

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Autonomous Functionality

Designed, tested and manufactured for the construction industry

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One solution that fits across all your machine sizes and types. From compact, to 10-100 ton.

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Will meet or exceed current performance of diesel hydraulic machines. Lift capacity, breakout force, Traction force.

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Designed for all machines. Constructed with standardized mechatronics approach for flexibility and variety in use across all your machines. Build standardization into your product line.

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Common Software and hardware that allows you to modify and update the machine to your needs. Quickly add functionality and enabled for future automation. Differentiate on your terms.

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Make life predictable and avoid unpleasant surprises. Reduce planning time, consistent quality, lower lead times, reduced cost and overhead.

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Save time, money and accelerate your zero-emission journey with a standardized and customizable system across all your machines. Reduce your development time and increase your ROI.

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Easy to use, integration between programming software, controllers, drives and actuation. Moog tools, libraries, API, Interconnected and reusable hardware and software. Accessibility to data, intelligence, machine analytics, reliability and performance data.

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Systems Integration

TerraTech makes the complex simple. Spend less time in development and more time on added value tasks. Moog did all the hard system integration work for you; We make it simple to use.

System architecture

Track Loader

Backhoe Loader

Skid Steer

Wheel Loader



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Technical Brochure Preview Image

Please provide your information to access the technical brochure.

Capitalize on your investment in zero emission machines

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labor cost

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Increased throughput

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Total Cost of Ownership

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Increase in

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Reduced worker injuries

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