Safety is in our DNA

Safety critical systems have been our wheel house for 70 years—we bring our expertise into a collaborative working model to define the best safety plan for accelerating automation on your construction site.

A proven process with the goal of zero safety incidents: Operations design, training, on-board safety systems

Results you can expect

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Compliance and safety​

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Improved productivity of your site and machinery​

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Optimizing interaction between operators, site workers and machines​

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Reduction in complexity and costs​

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Predictable and reliable process improvements​

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Digital communications—real time updates on machine status and operations completed

In order to protect human and machine, Moog Construction’s multilayered safety solution for Autonomous Guided Construction Vehicles (AGCVs) includes safe sensor technology as well as visual and audible safety indicators. We will also recommend site level safety measures and specific training that works in concert with the vehicles to help keep your workers and machines safe​.

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360 degrees of safety​

Moog Construction’s sensor suite sensor suite provides a virtual safety zone surrounding the operational area around the Autonomous Guided Construction Vehicle (AGCV). These sensors (lidar, cameras, and radar) detect objects in the vehicle’s path and provide maximum safety without compromising on productivity. These sensors can offer a 360 degree virtual safety fence and detection area around the machine.

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In some cases, detailed maps of the environment are created, easing tasks like navigation and obstacle avoidance. You benefit from a more repeatable, safer implementation of mobile vehicle applications in production environments.​

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Obstacle Avoidance

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Navigation and planning

In your industry, safety can not be given a day off

Based on the site, operation and machine safety assessment, to be carried out, the safety concept is where we develop detailed solution proposals for the technical implementation of Autonomous Guided Construction Vehicle (AGCV) on your site. Together we can safely apply the robotic vehicle to your site requirements, in accordance with world-class safety practices and your corporate standards.

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