How we get you
into production

Helping you create a path to production for your zero emission machines

Leveraging existing global supply chain

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Partner with large volume
supply chain

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Assembly for
volume and scale

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Over 2.5 million
motors per year

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Focus on factory

When performance really matters

Operations in 20+ countries | Over 14,000 employees | FY2023 revenue: $3.3B

Global Manufacturing
Manufacturing over 2 million electric motors, actuators and associated electronics systems per year

Supplier of Excellence
Recognized by two of the largest international electrical industrial automation suppliers

Established Supply Chain
Global partnership model used for Advanced Product Quality Planning (APQP), volume production

In-House Expertise and Facilities
Design qualification and test are core competencies throughout the business

Scaling up production

Designed and manufactured to help OEM’s get their electric machines into production

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Case 580EV

Electrification is here

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First zero emission
backhoe made

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Prototype delivered
in 6 months

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Tested with national utility
at residential dig site

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Performance meets or exceeds
diesel hydraulic version

Partner with us for
greater sustainability,
productivity, and a digitally
connected future.